Sunday, March 18, 2018

Week 26 3/19 -3/22

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Dear Second Grade Families,

Happy Monday and Welcome Spring (Do you think the weather will match the season?)!!  
Miss Garcia and Mrs. Bloomfield hope everyone had an enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day!!
Here’s the scoop for week 26.


Book Order: If you would like to order books from the scholastic book order please do so by
March 27. The books will be in right after spring break. The books will be in the week after spring break.  Here is a link: our class code is HLFMD


Our week in math will continue to be all about word problems and computation.  Last week
we worked on word problems related to money. Students have been working extremely
hard on reading and understanding these complex problems.  We will continue working
on money word problems Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, we will assess on this
standard. For the remainder of the week we will work on adding 4 2-digit numbers.

Homework for Week 26

IXL P.15 Purchases -Do You Have Enough Money-Up to $1..
Worksheet--Money Word Problems
IXL - G.15 Add Four or More Numbers Up to Two-Digits
IXL - G.16 Add Four or More Numbers Up to Two-Digits-Word Problems

For the homework on Wednesday and Thursday night students will be working the first 6
problems out on a worksheet that will be provided.  If after completing 6 problems they have
more time (Remember 15 minutes of math homework or 10 problems per night.), students
can continue to work on the IXL assignment without writing out the problems.

The Sign Up Genius for Parent Teacher Conferences have gone out.  Be sure to sign up.
Conferences will begin on March 23rd and finish on April 13th.  Wishing everyone a great

Anne Bloomfield

Shannon Bloomfield

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Conference Time!

Dear 2nd Grade Families,

Just a reminder that 2nd Trimester Conferences are approaching quickly!  I recently sent out a Sign Up Genius and will be holding conferences prior to Spring Break, on March 23rd.  I will also conduct conferences after returning from Spring Break on April 13th.  Please sign up for a conference as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Miss Garcia

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Week 25 -- March 12- 15

Dear Bighorn Parents,
Last Thursday marked the end of the 2nd Trimesterl!!  With the end of the Trimester comes
2nd Trimester Parent/Teacher Conferences, the primary day for conferences is Friday, April
13th, but we have been given permission to schedule some conferences on Friday, March
23rd.  You will be receiving a Sign-Up Genius notification towards the end of this week. Miss
Garcia and myself are looking forward to meeting with all our 2nd grade families!!

Math has been all about telling time.  Students have been working with analog and digital
times.  We have been practicing showing times to the nearest minutes and saying the times
a variety of ways.  
Clock, Analog, Time, Watch, ...
This time can be read the following ways…
...55 minutes past 1
...55 minutes after 1 fifty-five
...5 minutes before two
...5 minutes until two
...5 minutes till two
...5 minutes to two
This week students will continue working with time on Monday and assess on Tuesday.

We will finish the week in math working on word problems.  Out of the 26 standards for
math there are 3 standards that involve word problems.  Those standards involve word
problems that have 2 steps and/or that deal with numbers within 100, use money, and
measurement.  Since all the prerequisite standards have been taught and our work has been
extensive on word problems throughout the 1st and 2nd Trimesters, students will continue to
work on word problems this week and beyond.  

Here's the homework for the week...
Monday         Worksheet Telling Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes
Tuesday        IXL P.4 Count Money up to $1
Wednesday   IXL P. 14  Add and Subtract up to $1--Word Problems
Thursday       IXL G. 14 Add  3 Numbers up to 2 Digits--Word Problems

Our time in language has been working with commas.  We have reviewed the 1st grade
standards of using commas in a date and to separate 3 or more items on a list.  Students
were also introduced to the 2nd grade standards of using commas in the greeting and
closing of letters.

Second Grade has A LOT going on with writing.  Students are finishing up their narratives.
They have been doing some research. writing about their land form or body of water, and
creating a short slideshow presentation.  Finally, 2nd graders have been practicing using
commas in letters by writing a friendly letter to a Leprechaun.

Special Event
In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the Oasis Family Engagement Committee is sponsoring a
Dress Up Day on Thursday, March 15th.  For $1 students may wear “street clothes”, the
committee has sent out a flyer with the specific guidelines. Looking forward to seeing lots
of green in 2nd grade this Thursday!

Spring is almost here!  The clocks have been set forward!  Lacrosse, baseball, and softball
are in full swing!  It is getting into the busy time of year! Remember to make time for reading
and math homework.  It can be tricky with so much going on but it is important to make time
even when schedules are full!

Language Arts News From Mrs. Rowlett
We will be finishing up some of our end of the trimester assessments, so we may not be
meeting for a formal reading group. Please have your child read the next chapter in their
assigned book.

Wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Anne Bloomfield
Shannon Garcia